Stop Being Led to Slaughter in the Guise of Righteousness

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Want to target the root of the problem and not get sucked into the herd program? Step out of the Right v Left, Red v Blue, Black v White, Vax v No-Vax, et al mindsets and bait. Focus on the underlying extremism that has infested "both" sides of the fabricated front that is designed to pull you into one camp or the other, often with very cleverly concealed ideologies (hidden behind highly emotive and misleading propaganda).

If you must scratch the itch to "know" what is going on, resist taking "sides" without objective and rational research (not the kind that encourages you to blindly follow someone else's impotent research). Study how to do REAL research and not what the pop cultures and extremist ideologies have presented as research.

Learn to critically think for yourself. And not the clever use of even the term "critical thinking" that has actually been presented to the masses as exactly the opposite of what it REALLY is. Both "do your own research" and "critical thinking" have been used against inquisitive people as a tricky dumbing down tactic for a couple of decades now. What these folk have been presenting as "research" and "critical thinking" are actually the exact opposite and packaged in a shiny, emotive package of anti-government, anti-establishment rhetoric. The phrase "the best slave is one who believes they are free" sums this ageless herding technique quite nicely.

Refuse to let any of "them" lead you by your emotions and insist you choose a side immediately.

These are only a few very surface-level examples. Please do not get locked into the examples as your fight. Look at the pattern that is smeared itself across the board, regardless of which "side" (right/left, Red/Blue, etc) is being presented. And if you are interested in a more esoteric, Demiurge/Wetiko, explanation of what is going on, please look at the other blog posts and forum discussions here. Return here often and don't hesitate to join the discussions and ask questions.

You are being herded into the extremes and need to find that fulcrum of power hidden in the middle. Non-reactive. The rudder of reason in a sea of ignorance and insanity.

You, your families, your communities, and humanity itself lies in the balance only YOU can center. But only if you step out of the fray and the herding programs. As you remove yourself from the storm and join others in a calmer sea of reason, the united grouping will begin to settle as well. A more realistic and authentic manner of honoring human emotion and being will begin to be recognizable again. Settling out of the instigated frenzy that was not yours to own in the first place. Re-claim your senses and be ready to nurture others to reclaim theirs.

IF you really want to affect change, THIS is where you will be most effective.

Find your core, your center. YOURS, not THEIRS. Authentically and reasonably.

Stop being led to the slaughter in the guise of righteousness.

See the following PDF for how to research properly

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