The Benefits of Filing a UCC-1 (IT DOES NOT "CHANGE YOUR STATUS")

UCC1 Finance Statements must be ONLY filed between TWO flesh and blood individuals or it is considered fraud!!! This is a WARNING to those that have been told that you can file a UCC1 for the purpose of "CHANGING YOUR STATUS!" THAT IS A LIE AND SCAM. FILING A UCC1 DOES NOT CHANGE YOUR STATUS OR GIVE YOU ANY ACCESS TO A SECRET ACCOUNT OF ANY KIND AND NEVER HAS! For more information on the UCC-1 you can visit the UCC in your state or

  1. It ought to be understood clearly that a UCC 1 is only filed in respect of an already existing debt, that it is filed by the creditor for the sole purpose of giving formal public notice to everyone at large that the debt exists, and that the filing creditor has a security interest in the assets of the debtor to satisfy that debt. It does not give the creditor any additional rights with respect to the debtor; it only gives notice to others and thus may establish a priority when it comes to seizing the assets of the debtor in satisfaction of debts, as those who loan to the debtor after the filing of a UCC 1 will be deemed as admitting that the creditor who already filed notice of a security interest has a priority claim. A debtor who files a UCC 1 in respect of the debt he owes accomplishes exactly nothing except possibly incurring criminal liability for a spurious filing.

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